28 – Bonds

My mind is still shattered
From the night before.

It’s shards floating lazily
As in free fall.

I try to bring them all together.
They slip from my fingers
Like wet fishes
In a rushing stream.

I slowly manage
To bring them all together.
Each piece falls into place
Pounding down like a sledgehammer
Within my skull.

It shakes and sways
Threatening to topple over.

I take a swig
From the square bottle.
Its familiar black label
Ties the world together.

The first gulp
Makes my mouth burn,
And brings my aching body
Back to life.

I feel the amber nectar
As it seeps into the cracks.
My mind stops swaying.

I can feel the empty space.
A freshly poked hole in reality,
Shaped like a missing friend.

I casually look down
At the black armband on my sleeve,
And raise the bottle
For a second swig.

• • •

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