273 – Summer rain

A beautiful sound,
Full of dreams and fresh ideas.

The pouring heavens,
She lets the drops run down
Her naked skin.

No regrets,
Just new blank pages.

Can feel dizzying
When you drink it
In a single gulp.

Beyond the first intoxicating moments
There is just calm clarity.

So many useful tidbits
Begin to show
Before newly open eyes.

Things like
Learning how to love.

“Come back to bed.”

A voice,
Soft and gentle
Like a sexy black-lipsticked purr
Calls her.

She steps inside,
Feeling the rain still caressing her
On its way down to the floor.

“I’m all soaked up.
I’ll drench the bed.”

“Who cares?”

A lovely pair of golden eyes
Plunge deeply into her own.

She smiles,
Savoring her newfound happiness,
And falls into her waiting arms.

• • •

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