272 – This is not an exit

The answers
Are never shy.

They might look kind,
Embracing even.

But in the end
They will always hit your face
Like a slap.

They eventually kick down
All your locked doors.

Fuck it!
We all say.

It’s too harsh
And too hard.

So the new
Sugar-coated gurus
Take notice.

Silver tongues,
Hollow words,
Flashy smiles,
A thin varnish of deepness.

We swallow
The bright pills
And chant,
And dance.

And keep running,
Happy little lemmings,
Captive forever
Inside easy answers.

Wisdom facepalms,
And stays locked
Behind shortcuts to nowhere.

And scholars
Sadly roll their eyes,
Shake their heads,
And sigh.

• • •

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