265 – More unsorted tidbits

As a kid I had an almost irrational fear of spiders and any insect larger than a fly, I have no idea when or where I lost that fear.

There was a time during my early teens when I wanted to be a ghost, I would walk around my grandparents’ house at midnight with all lights off and hide if anyone came looking for me.

The only thing that scares me more than losing my sight is losing my mind.

I was a pretty lonely kid. Sometimes I would know the correct answer to the teacher’s questions but would give a wrong one on purpose just to fit in.

I like to talk to animals and even to inanimate objects even though I know they don’t understand me, it’s just something that helps me treat my environment with respect.

I became a long distance runner because I feared pain and physical discomfort so much that I got fed up and decided to become addicted to it instead.

Some people think I run because I’m trying to escape from my demons. Those people are wrong. It’s the demons who run away from me… I burn them as fuel.

I run alone not because I want to get away from others, but because I sometimes just need to get away from me to become more me.

My life will probably not end with a bang, but I’m sure as fuck going to do everything I can to make sure it doesn’t simply fade away with a whimper.

• • •

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