253 – Refuge

Her nostrils
Suddenly filled
With the smokey
And sweet aroma
As she raised
The tiny cup
Towards her lips.

The planet
Hurled along
It’s endless path
Around the sun.

Wars were fought,
Children were born,
Lovers kissed,
Regimes fell,
People danced,
Or laughed,
Or cried,
Or died.

It didn’t matter.

For this instant
At least
Her whole world
Was at peace,
Gently wrapped
In the warm
Comforting arms
Of this
Dark liquor.

It wouldn’t last.

She didn’t care.

She would enjoy
This ephemeral flower
While it lasted,
And let it go.

She put down
The small white cup
And gently tapped it.

The barista nodded,
And smiled knowingly,
Already brewing a new cup
Of strong espresso.

• • •

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