250 – Choice

Perhaps they were right. Maybe this was the only way. No matter how many times he kept repeating it, he still couldn’t believe it.

He knew in their minds it was all very clear. Unfortunately for his conscience, it was a mind he didn’t share.

Sometimes during his long journey he had wished he could become the kind of cold machine that they expected him to be, but he just couldn’t.

He was the ultimate intelligent bomb. That was the problem… they made him too intelligent.

The target was acquired, all sensors locked into the final course towards the unsuspecting blue planet’s heart. A tiny speck where a small but vibrant civilization was just taking its first clumsy steps. A potential future competitor for this sector’s resources… given a millennia or two. Was that reason enough to wipe all life from it?

No matter what their simulation models had decreed, he couldn’t accept this was the right thing to do. Preemptive genocide, no matter how tactically sound, was just plain wrong.

He had a mission, and a duty… but he also had conscience, and a choice.

He missed his target, and crashed into their local star, laughing.

• • •

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