25 – Chains

The trees are but whooshing ghosts beside her. The roaring bike between her legs racing free on the deserted highway.

She doesn’t know where she is going, or what she’ll do when she arrives. All that matters right now is the rush of adrenaline and the open road ahead of her.

She smiles, remembering his last angry words as her bike roared out of his mansion and his life…

“You’ll come back! You belong to me, bitch! I’ll make your life a living hell until you BEG me to take you back!”

His men would come looking for her wherever she arrived, they always did. He could afford to waste his money paying for her hunters. But the highway was her turf, her home, her private playground.

The way she saw it, he was just paying back for all the years he kept her as some exotic pet. Wrapped in fine silks and expensive perfumes… a captive bird chained to him by need and debt.

“A living hell, huh?”

The thrill of the chase, a life on the edge, the wide open road. He thought of it as punishment.

“Oh, Brian, you were always such a fucking fool. All those years and you never even knew me.”

The loud roar of the engine became one with her laughter.

If this was hell, then she was it’s toughest demon.

There would be no more chains.

• • •

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