241 – Circles

I’m tired
Of all this fighting.
I just want to have
Some peace.

From the top
Of the mountain
Life hears the cry
And smiles.

No you don’t.
She calmly answers.
All you really want
Is just a little bit of rest.

I want everlasting peace,
That’s what I’m fighting for!

Everlasting peace
Is just another name
For slow decay,
And death.

But why?
Why tear the world apart each day
Just to build it up again
The next?

In order to create
Something has to be destroyed.
That’s just the way
Things roll.

But I’m so tired.

Then go to sleep,
And rest.
We’ll fight again

The warrior sleeps,
Brief but peaceful dreams.

From the top of the mountain
Life smiles,
And starts sharpening
Her sword.

• • •

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