237 – Coda

Bits and pieces
Of a broken mind
Looking for
A place to park.

Binary windhorses
Carry one and zero blessings.
A digital enlightenment
Webcast live as it unfolds
Under the tangled branches
Of a full-duplex
Bodhi tree network.

A golden bowl burrito special,
Omniscient view of life
And karma.
For one ninety-nine extra
Would you like an extra side
Of fries and clarity
With that?

All the mind can wonder:
Does it include
Free refills?

Bells ring,
Multicolored lights flash,
The announcer blared into the mike:
You are now enlightened!”

A simple, denim-robed monk
Stands up, and takes
A silent bow.

The armies of forever
Roar from deep inside
A vintage Harley engine.
Who needs to fight
When all the lines to defend
Have already been erased?

Lust and pleasure bitch-ride
As he wheelies into legend,
Letting the chrome shine
And the rubber burn.

• • •

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