230 – Here

“How many fingers do you see?”

“Um… three? I think.”

Did I fall from somewhere?
Why is the sky moving?
Who are all these pale ghosts?

“Can you tell me your name?”

Of course I can… or can I?
Which name do you want to hear?
I’ve had so many…

“Do you know where you are?”

On planet Earth?
Or hell, maybe?
No, not hell.
It’s much too cold and quiet.
So cold…
So very, very quiet.

“I’m losing him!”

That’s weird.
I thought I was already lost before you found me.
Maybe I’m not really here?
Where is –here– anyway?
So cold…
So very, very quiet.

“Don’t give up! Stay with me!”

So very, very quiet.

“Try to stay awake. I need more blood here, dammit!”

So… quiet.

“Shit! Too late… he’s gone.”

Oh, not at all…
It’s all so clear now.

I’m finally here.

• • •

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