228 – Words over coffee

You know it’s not personal.

Even if I do, it still feels like the universe is out to get me sometimes.

That isn’t only illogical, it’s also a pretty irrational way to see the world.

Fuck rational!

Well… I do admit rational is way over-rated, just like safe and familiar. But that doesn’t mean I agree with your paranoid way of thinking.

I just want to know why this kind of shit always happens to me.

Why not?

You’re not being a lot of help, you know?

I’m sorry, but you’re –understandably– trying to see it as some sort of personal vendetta against you. That way at least you feel there’s someone or something to blame.

Oh yeah, Mr Freud? And why exactly would I do something like that?

Because it allows you to maintain an illusion of control instead of having to face the fact that life, the universe and everything is chaotic and pretty unpredictable.

That’s not much of a relief.

Maybe it doesn’t sound that way, but it just depends on how you look at it.

Please don’t give me any of that “positive attitude” bullshit. I’m pissed enough already.

It’s not a question of attitude, merely a matter of accepting that right now, it’s like this. Instead of tragedies and drama you simply take what happens and work with it.

Sound easier than it is.

It’s actually so easy it’s terribly difficult to do… but worth it.

So you give up and stop trying to fight against the crap being thrown your way?

You don’t give up, you just face what is, change what you can, work with what you have and learn to duck and dodge when necessary.

So that’s how you live then?

No, at least not all the time… but I’m trying.

• • •

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