223 – Frenemies

The dragon’s roar
Resounded thru
The valley.

“I’ll burn you
Down to your
Very bones.”

The black knight
Smiled and
Drew her sword.

“Bring it on, bitch.”
She calmly answered.
“We’ve both been here before.”

The whole valley
Became ablaze
With blue flames.

Sparks flew wild
As steel met scales
And claws met armor.

“You’ve gotten better.”
Said the dragon
With a coy smile.

“I’m only starting.”
Came the answer following
A back-hand stroke.

The knight moved
Swift as a cat,
But not enough.

The blade found air,
The claw found
Something soft.

The black knight
Blinked in disbelief,
Watching what lay on the ground.

The fire
Died down around
The kneeling knight.

“You asshole!
Did you really have
To do that?”

The dragon laughed
And picked up
The golden braid.

“I’m sorry my love,
But at least I know
It didn’t hurt.”

“Don’t worry.
We both know
It will grow back.”

“Besides…” The dragon added.
“You still owed me
For my tail.”

They burst out laughing,
And found each other’s
Arms and lips.

• • •

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