217 – Nevertheless

Not a single
Tear poured out
Of the tiny, broken
Glass bead.

“So, that’s it?”
She asked, watching
The shiny bits
Littering the floor.

He answered.
Looking out
The window.

I had hoped
For more, but
That’s just it.”

“Well, at least
We are still

“That hasn’t
Even if the rest
Of reality has.”

Red dragons
Flew past the
Crumbling tower
By the sea.

Brother and sister
Walked down the
Stairs together.

“Mom will be
So disappointed.”
She said with
A half-smile.

“Oh, I think
She’ll understand.
It’s not like
It’s the first time.”

“I’m more worried…”
She answered,
Opening her white wings.
“…about dad.”

“I’ll handle him.”
The black feathers
On his wings, fluttered
With the sea breeze.

“We still have time
Before the last dream
Out of here leaves.
Let’s do lunch.”

“Are you trying
To tempt me?”
She said, kissing
His cheek.

“Only because
You’re always trying
To save me.
Makes us even.”

• • •

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