216 – Patience

Lying on a corner
Of an old museum shelf
A tiny sad rock

She remembers
Countless eons
Flying thru the space
Between the stars.

She remembers
Vast bottomless pits
Made of gravity
And darkness.

She remembers
Giants of blue light,
Their huge tongues
Licking at the void.

She remembers
The tiny yellow
Dot of light
In the distance.

She remembers
Wandering too close
To the third ball
Of rock and water.

She remembers
A sudden flash
Of blinding light
And heat.

She remembers
Curious eyes
And cautious hands
Around her.

She remembers
Deep caves that smell
Of sacred texts
And incense.

She remembers
An altar made for her
From precious woods,
And gold.

She remembers
Riding into battle
Around the neck
Of fearless kings.

She remembers
The sound of swords,
And screams,
And fire.

She remembers
Time and dust
Gathering around
The broken temple.

She remembers
So many trivial things,
Tiny sparks of nothing
Lost in time.

She remembers,
As she patiently waits
For the fiery kiss
That shall return her
To the stars.

• • •

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