194 – Exorcism

Nobody asked,
But the question
Was answered

No, he said,
And laid the gun
To rest again
Upon the table.

Little eyes
Glowed around
From every corner
Of the dark room.

He ignored them,
He always did.
They’d grow bored
And leave.

He tried
To pour a glass
Of cheap bourbon,
And failed.

The tremors
Were too strong.
He downed a swig

The little eyes
Showered him
With a mix of pity
And revulsion.

The single lightbulb
Burst and burned
As he kicked
The table.

He wouldn’t feed them,
Not tonight.
The little eyes
Scurried away.

Back into
The dark holes
Where they
Came from.

Back into
The corners
Of his

He took
Another swig.

It felt good
To be alive.

• • •

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