19 – Steps

Left, right, left, right, left, right…
Always in rhythm, keeping the pace.

The city’s streets,
Half empty,
Are my realm.

Few creatures bear me witness,
I run in darkness,
Before dawn.
I run alone.

My heart races,
I watch my breath.
I keep the pace.

My legs are burning.
The pain is familiar,
Like an old friend’s face.

What are you running from?
Where are you running to?
What do you hide?

The questions fall on me
Like burning hail.
I run right thru them.
I keep the pace.

“Distance: sixteen point five zero miles.”
The soft robotic voice
Whispers in my ears.

The final stretch.
One final push.
A sprint.

Covered in sweat,
Behind the pain,
Beyond myself…
I find myself.

• • •

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