184 – Stumble

She knew
It was not
A good idea
Even before
Her lips
Enunciating it.

Furtive glances
Of half-hidden pity
Filled the air
Around them.

Of the heart
Can be
A tricky hill
To tackle.

Too slow
And you’ll never
Gain enough momentum
To get over the top
And see the valley.

But if
You go too fast
You can trip
And stumble,
Just like now.

The moment
You loose your step
And know
Nothing can stop
The fall.

The moment
She felt her hands
Grow tense
And slip away
From hers.

Three words
Said out of time,
That’s all it takes
To break
What might have been.

Seeing her leave
Thru watery eyes
She could only
Mumble them again.

I love you.

• • •

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