178 – Overdrive

The seconds
Dripping away
Like the irritating drops
Of a leaky faucet.

Each tick
Pounds heavily on your ears,
Echoing the thumping
Of your own heart.

Your body is tired,
But your mind
Stubbornly refuses
To slow down.

Like an engine
Stuck on overdrive,
The gears inside your head
Just go on spinning.

Questions, answers,
All important things
You’ll have forgotten
In the morning.

Your yawning
Only feeds the fire,
Stirring up
More buzzing thoughts.

The boiler overheats.

The gears get clogged.

The engine stops at last.

With a final sputter,
It cedes its place
To long-awaited

Just as the alarm
Cheerfully starts singing
Before meeting a swift death
Against the nearest wall.

• • •

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