175 – Scratch

You never know
How it’ll end
When you go
Against the grain.

You never know
What you’ll face
When you raise
Too much your head.

You’ll be an itch
They want to scratch.

You’ll be a stain
They want to wipe.

But there’s no way
You can just
Turn away
And let things just stay the same.

You’ll go on
Raising your voice
And your fist
Even if you lose some teeth.

You’ll be a rat
They want to catch.

A pesky bug
They want to splat.

They’ll drop the law
On your head
And they’ll throw
Away the key.

But when you’ve slipped
Thru the cracks
Walls no longer
Keep you in.

You’ll be a ghost
That they can’t catch.

You’ll be a symbol
They can’t hide.

• • •

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