165 – Shameless

Faint echoes
Dancing in the space
Between the here
And now.

Dark whispers
Trying to break
The barrier
To the surface.

Faint ideas,
Not really born
Or raised

And critiques,
Calling doubt into
Your sanity.

A mighty chorus,
A cacophony of voices,
Forcing you to answer
The same question.

“How dare you?!”

“How dare you at your age?”
“How dare you to be different?”
“How dare you push yourself?”
“How dare you do what we are afraid to?”

The simple sound
Of one foot before the other
Slowly melts them
Into silence.

Keep moving,
One foot before the other.
Just keep moving
Until they burn away.

How dare you?
What’s the choice?
Life is too fragile
To afford not daring.

• • •

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