164 – The engine hums

The engine hums
Into the quiet night.
Roads paved with
Broken promises
Of a golden futureland.

The engine hums
Along the empty desert.
Scattered points of light
Marking tiny places
Where dreams come to die.

The engine hums
Thru busy city streets.
Tall idols made of greed and steel
Sink their golden fangs
Into the dying city’s soul.

The engine hums
Across the heart of nowhere.
Dust and empty words
Slipping thru the cracks
Where no one cares.

The engine hums
Over the high mountain pass.
Ancient woods and snow
Covered by a shroud
Of diesel grime.

The engine hums
Towards the salty morning breeze.
A promise of unknown lands
Daring all the seekers
Beyond the crashing waves.

The engine stops
Before the rocky shore.
Weary eyes seek refuge
In the simple communion
Of bourbon and hope.

• • •

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