157 – Exit wound

Nothing was said,
No words exchanged.
Just a bang, a flash,
And cold silence.

It was clean.
Too clean.
No bloody mess.
Too clean.

Rushing by.
Too fast
To catch.

Not frightening,
Just comfortably

No more fear.
Shadows in the rain.
A fluttering of wings.
Sparks in the night.

“It was a clean wound.”
I know that.
“I found the exit!”
Me too! I’m so close.
“Vital signs are stabilizing.”
Don’t pull me back.
“I need more blood here.”
No, no more blood.
“He’s coming around!”
No more blood, I’ve spilled too much already.
“Hang in there son, you’re gonna make it.”
No, I was out of this war!
“He’s out of danger.”
Why did you bring me back?

• • •

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