153 – Tidbits

Some people run for health, to get in shape, or for good looks. I run to burn away my demons.

I’ve never liked huge parties. Big crowds make me feel uncomfortable and out of place.

On meeting me most people think I’m quiet and stern. I’m just a clumsy introvert.

As a kid I hated raisins, not because of how they taste. A distant uncle told me they were mummified bugs. (I think he was a bit drunk)

I have few friends, and fewer close ones. Loosing any one of them to distance, neglect, or death hurts real bad.

Other kids played soccer, watched Gunsmoke and listened to ABBA or the BeeGees. I read books, watched Dr Who and listened to Manheim Steamroller, The Sex Pistols and Iron Maiden. I never quite understood why they called me a freak.

The first book I fell in love with was ‘The War of the Worlds’. I still have that book after thirty years. I re-read it every couple of years.

Sandman blew my mind away, comics were never the same. Personal note:
Neil Gaiman is my spirit animal.

Being honest can feel like being naked in the middle of a busy street. Fortunately, for most people you’re actually invisible.

• • •

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