148 – Catch

It was there,
And then, it wasn’t.

A quagmire of shadows
Ready to give way
Under the feet
Of my perception.

A half seen face
In the folds of a tree.
The sound of your my name
In noisy traffic.
Perfect traps
Made of illusion,
Having fun running in circles
A step ahead of my senses.

But unlike them
This ghost is real,
Brought about by dreams
Of what never was
But could have been.

I try to catch it.
It laughs
And slips away
Between my fingers.

But I have tricked it
Without him even noticing.
In that brief moment
When I touched it,
I trapped his essence
In my memories.

Holding this treasure
Tight against my chest,
I run to hold it safely
Within the letters
Of a written page.

I hear him laughing,
He stands there, out of sight,
At the very edge of my grasp,
Teasing me once more
To play a new round.

I smile,
I feel him smiling too.

The game is, once again, afoot!

• • •

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