146 – Anniversary

The bed was warm, as was the sleeping body snuggled against her. She could feel the rhythm of her warm breath between her breasts. Her long black hair felt soft against her shoulder.

The morning light was barely breaking, painting the small room a soft shade of blue. She closed her eyes, immersing herself in the lingering smell of whiskey, sweat and sex that still clung to the sheets.

How long had it been? A year perhaps. She could still remember the first time she saw her, all dressed in dark leathers and looking like a sexy angel of death. It had been quite a quick look before she had to dodge behind a boulder as the sexy dark angel pulled a 38 and squeezed the trigger, aiming squarely at her head.

She felt her shift her weight in her sleep, pressing her body even closer. She put her arm around her, and chuckled a bit at the sight of black lipstick still smeared on her nipples.

A muffled voice, halfway between a purring kitten and a growling tiger, cut her train of thought. “Will you shut up? I’m trying to sleep here.”

“Trying?! You’ve been snoring for hours!”

“I don’t snore!” A pouting face raised its eyes to meet hers, melting her instantly.

“Of course you do. I’ve been sleeping with you for a year, remember?”

“Really?” The dark eyes’ pupils opened wide, two dark wells pulling her in. “Is it our anniversary?”

“Of you trying to blow my fucking head off? Give or take a couple of days, yeah.”

“Aw, come on! You still mad about that? I’ve told you it wasn’t personal. How was I to know the dude was dead and wouldn’t be paying the tab?”

“Well, I did try to tell you, remember?”

“I remember waking up in your arms after you knocked me out. You’ve got a nasty sidekick.”

“You weren’t exactly listening. And I was really pissed. I mean, I just learn the asshole who’s goons I’d been outrunning for so long is done and I’m finally free and, as soon as I step out of the diner, I almost get snuffed by some crazy chick.”

“I’ve still got that gun, you know?” She said, in that purring voice that always made her instantly horny.

“And I know where you keep it, honey.”

Her voice became somber as the dark eyes looked away from hers.

“I sometimes wonder if some day I’ll wake up to an empty bed and your bike roaring out of my life.”

She gently cupped her cheek in her hand and made her turn back to face her.

“Silly.” She said smiling. “You still don’t get it, do you?”

“Get what?” Her eyes widened as her face came closer to her own.

“I had to be with Brian. I want to be with you.” She said, cutting her answer with a deep, passionate kiss.

• • •

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