142 – Final curtain

There was never
An easy answer
To the simple-sounding question
We all faced.

It was all a trick,
Sleigh of hand,
Shining smoke and mirrors
To dazzle us.

We gazed in awe
At the grand illusion.
The flashy disappearing act
Of our own conscience.

Then came the grand finale.
With loud words and shaking hands,
The tricksters lit the match
And set the world on fire

Then, as the burning curtain fell
And all applause had died down,
We noticed all the strings
And hidden trap doors.

Surrounded by the blaze,
We tried to run.
It was too late.
We’d shut the golden doors ourselves.

They came out
For a grim encore,
Demanding our blind love
Until the very end.

We watched in horror
At those among us
Who, even as they burned,
Kept on cheering and clapping.

• • •

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