139 – Howl

It was never a game,
There were no wagers.
No one there
To keep score.

We were called outcasts,
Barbarians, misfits.
Deemed too wild to live
Amongst the “good”.

We were the wild ones,
Too dangerous to trust.
Too curious for our own good.
Too free thinking and alive.

We watched, and waited.

When the war came,
We came forth to defend you.
Not because we liked you,
Just because you were.

We didn’t care
How each other held their shield,
We just locked them together
To defend you.

We didn’t think of fame
Or glory, or remembrance.
We raised our swords in battle
Because we had to.

We didn’t die for some you,
We died for all of you.

Don’t sing our praise.
We do not need it.

Just watch, and wait.

When the next war comes,
Lock your shields
And raise your swords.

Become the wild ones.

• • •

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