135 – The greatest show

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
Welcome to the greatest show.
Don’t miss the chance to witness
Humanity implode.

Move along, move along.
Take your place and grab your popcorn.
The mushroom cloud parade
Is just about to start.

We have such wonders, just for you.
A rain of fiery ashes.
Snow as black as coal.
A winter land of hungry ghosts
That suck away your soul.

Stand in line, no need to push,
There’s room for everyone.
When the fallout grand finale starts,
Everybody gets their share.

No need to cry, too late for that.
No way to stop the show.
No chance to turn around now.
You have forfeit those rights.

When you let truth get beaten up
By sweet sounding golden lies,
You bought this one way ticket.
Hope you enjoy the ride.

• • •

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