132 – Edit

The day the certainties
That held the world together
Became editable at will
By the rule of the alt-facts,
Reality took a deep breath
And flew out the window.

Our foundational ideas,
Those that made life coherent,
Suddenly became suspect
And crumbled into dust.

Everything became real
In the same space,
At the same time.

Illuminati fought atomic turf wars
With reptilian beings
Over control of the world.

Evil aliens roamed the streets
Abducting everyone in plain sight,
To conduct unmentionable experiments.

A million secret societies
Began handing out fliers
In every corner.

Dragons and every shape of UFO
Jammed the sky worldwide,
Making air travel inconvenient.

From their hidden bases on the moon
Nazis came back for a second round.

Superheroes, arch-villains,
Kaijus of all kinds and shapes,
Fought each other in every corner,
Laying whole cities to waste.

Cynics, devoid of faith or dreams,
Who doubted everything
And believed nothing
Were the sole survivors.

Welcome to the new world.

You may not like it,
But there’s nowhere else
To go.

• • •

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