120 – Viewpoints

The saddest part
Was that he truly thought
She was trembling with excitement
And not with impotence,
Rage, and fear.

For him it was
A night of simple pleasure.
For her, it was a locked cage,
A trap set with no exit
But a reluctant yes.

He thought she’d like it,
Why wouldn’t she?
Every single porn film
Had always proved
His point.

For her it was
A night of drinks gone wrong,
Triggered by a simple smile
Twisted by his mind
Into desire.

To him it was
“Just a little rough sex.”
“What every woman really likes.”
For her it was the doubt
Of getting out alive.

For him it was
A bullet in the chest
From a “crazy broad who lured him.”

For her, the only way she thought
She could survive.

• • •

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