116 – Nature

“Sit straight!”
“Don’t talk back!”
“Stop running around!”
“Because I say so!”

Rules and limits
Without a backing reason,
Holding back
Young energy
In full bloom.

“Show some respect.”
“Ladies don’t do that.”
“Boys don’t cry.”
“Cut that hair.”

Walls being lifted
Around developing souls,
Ironing them into compliance
By knocking the wind
From their wings.

“Not what we expected from you.”
“You should have done it this way.”
“Really, at your age?”
“Just grin and bear it.”

Guardians of the way things are
Keeping us in our expected place,
Within comfortable cells
Made of atavism,
Enforced by peer pressure.

“Why did you do it?”
“What are you trying to prove?”
“Why must you stand out?”
“Can’t you just let things be?”


I don’t need a reason
Other than the freedom
To fully embrace
And be responsible
For my own nature.

• • •

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