00 – Heartbreak

Today I have no stories to tell. Today, for the first time in my life, I am truly worried for the actual physical safety and wellbeing of very close and dear friends. Today I have no fantasy worlds or magical creatures to share. Today I am heartbroken.

Today I woke up after a restless night with little sleep, full of fragmentary dreams and little rest. I had to force myself out of bed to go out and run the streets under the rain. As I tried to calm my thoughts, concentrating my attention on the rhythm of my steps upon the wet pavement, I finally realized –or accepted– the world I knew had changed. The notes of Bowie’s “Heroes” in my headphones became a sad reminder that the world we dreamed of when the Berlin Wall came down, had been just that… a dream.

So what do we do now that the system which for so many generations positioned itself –thru one of the greatest PR campaigns in the history mankind– as the perfect and shining example of democracy, equality and opportunity, finally showed us how racist, homophobic, misogynist, xenophobic and just generally afraid it really is?

We give up.

We don’t give up on hope, dreams and compassion.

We don’t give up on liberty and equality.

We don’t give up the fight.

We just give up on the generation who rejected all of this.

We don’t give up out of spite, or anger, or to get back at them. We just give up on trying to change their minds and win their hearts. They are too afraid of the unknown and have already shown us just how hard they can push back, even at the sake of their own future.

We don’t give in to anger and frustration. We use it as the fuel to keep us going.

We become teachers, and examples.

We become the kind of people we want our kids to look up to and admire.

We lay the steps we hope that want to follow.

We hug our friends and keep their backs.

We stand for our beliefs no matter what we might personally risk.

We go on making art, and science, and knowledge.

We keep working.

We keep building.

We go on with our lives.

And keep telling ourselves: “Not today… but someday.”

• • •

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